How Do You Know You're Having an Impact, If You Don't Know Who You're Impacting?

As philanthropy increasingly seeks to advance equity in all communities, it needs to understand the demographics of the organizations being funded (and declined), the people being served, and the communities impacted.

Less than half of grantmakers collect demographic data and even fewer report out intended beneficiaries of specific grants.  California hosts several initiatives to improve both data collection and analysis but there remain many myths and barriers that prevent funders from truly making meaning of this data especially across foundations.

Visualizing California Philanthropy, an initiative of Candid in partnership with Philanthropy California, helps to centralize and visualize information about who is benefiting from the investments made in California.  But it requires commitment from foundations to participate in both collecting and sharing their data to ensure that the field has the most accurate data to rely on.

Please join us for this session where participants will:

  • Learn about field-wide collaborative efforts to strengthen the systems and tools to effectively collect and analyze demographic data;
  • See how your data is centralized, structured and visualized by Candid in California: Foundation Stats;
  • Learn about the myths and barriers that keep grantmakers and nonprofits from collecting and acting on this information and how legitimate challenges with collecting this data are being solved;
  • Learn about specific tools to help streamline demographic data collection while reducing the burden on nonprofits.


  • C. Davis Parchment, Manager of Global Partnerships and Projects, Candid
  • Jasmine Marrow, Director of Nonprofit Strategy, Candid
  • Melissa Sines, Programs and Knowledge Director, PEAK Grantmaking
  • Carly Hare, Coalition Catalyst, CHANGE Philanthropy
  • Kelly Brown, Viewpoint Consulting


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