The Power of Water: Building a More Resilient, Equitable Future for All

A virtual convening featuring Governor Gavin Newsom in conversation with state water leaders.

Now is the time to permanently usher in an approach to California water that puts us on a path to equity and climate resilience. The state’s recent $15 billion commitment to address climate change, which includes more than $5 billion for drought relief and water management, has opened a window of opportunity for transformative change. Philanthropy has a pivotal role to play in making sure these and other public resources contribute to healthier communities and thriving ecosystems.

California’s response to the 2012-2016 drought showed what is possible when funders take bold steps together with state and local leaders. Major achievements like the Sustainable Groundwater Management Act, Safe and Affordable Drinking Water Fund, and Measure W in Los Angeles built on the political window opened by that drought. Those significant public policies and public funding commitments laid the groundwork for this moment.

Right now, we have the biggest opening we will see in a decade, if not a generation, to advance the basic right to water for all people and to direct a transformational level of public investment toward the water solutions we need for a healthy future.


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On March 22nd, World Water Day, to discuss a resilient, equitable vision for California water.


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