Reimagining A More Inclusive Economy: Supporting the Economic Security of Undocumented Immigrants

Bay Area AFN is pleased to release its newest publication authored by the California Immigrant Policy Center (CIPC): Reimagining A More Inclusive Economy: Supporting the Economic Security of Undocumented Immigrants.  

Approximately 20% of all Californians under the age of 18 live with someone who is undocumented or is undocumented themselves. Estimates show that over two-thirds of undocumented Californians have lived here more than a decade, and over a third live with a US citizen child. The economic security of undocumented immigrants impacts both their direct families as well as the broader community.  Studies on the longer-term effects of economic security programs for children have been linked to lower rates of health issues, improved education outcomes, and greater economic mobility in adulthood.

Despite deep contributions to the labor market, the economy and to local communities, historic xenophobia and racism has led to harmful exclusionary policies that prohibit undocumented individuals from realizing economic security.  These exclusions impact their ability to access basic worker protections, critical safety net programs, and support for the immediate and longer-term financial health of their families.

 Join us for the release of our publication which will: 

  • Explore the harmful impact of historic and current exclusionary policies and systems on undocumented immigrants,
  • Elevate policy solutions to ensure that all immigrants, particularly undocumented individuals, have equitable access to public benefits, income and employment, and economic supports that enable economic security, mobility, dignity, and voice.
  • Highlight the myriad ways funders can support policies which build toward longer-term solutions that support the economic security and financial health of individuals who are undocumented.

Our interconnectedness shows us that investing in the economic security of undocumented individuals will strengthen the families and communities who depend on and love them; build greater prosperity for the entire state and economy now and in the long-term; and will help everyone better prepare for an uncertain future.




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