Fair Representation Fund

Philanthropy California’s Fair Representation Fund supports community engagement in California’s upcoming redistricting processes. The Fund supports statewide and regional nonprofits to engage Californians from historically underrepresented communities to weigh in on how they are represented in the decade ahead. This is a critical phase of work that builds on the extraordinary efforts to achieve an accurate Census in California.

Redistricting: The Next Step After Census


The state’s decennial redistricting determines how communities are represented in public decision-making bodies across all levels of government. Thus, redistricting has implications for the public policies and resource allocations in education, health care, housing and numerous other arenas affecting people’s lives. 


As the nation grapples with the coronavirus, we are reminded of the myriad critical roles government exercises in our lives. Thus, in the midst of the challenges of coronavirus, the imperative to support public involvement in the upcoming redistricting processes continues.




To ensure all Californians can be fairly represented, the Fund will support: 

  • Community engagement, so that residents can provide their perspectives about the boundaries of their communities and weigh in on both the unity mapping deliberations as well as state and local redistricting processes

  • Unity mapping, which entails collaboration among representatives of various ethnic communities to propose maps that reflect a shared sense of fair boundaries for the state’s electoral districts

Funder Involvement


Initial Fund contributors include Blue Shield of California Foundation, the James Irvine Foundation, and The California Endowment. We are raising additional resources to support community engagement in the state and local redistricting processes. For more information, please contact consultant Amy Dominguez-Arms at amydarms@gmail.com.  

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