Full Cost Project


The Full Cost Project is a joint initiative of Philanthropy California and Nonprofit Finance Fund to support a funding model that honestly assesses the full cost for organizations to deliver on their missions and to be sustainable over time. We are bringing together education, advocacy, and skill-building with the goal to increase the number of funders that provide full cost funding and to build the skills and capacity of all those engaged in grantmaking – foundations, corporations, individuals, and government.


By Changing The Way We Fund Nonprofits Right Now, We Can Fundamentally Improve Their Ability To Do The Work and Achieve Our Shared Goals 


Nonprofits are often built with remarkable resourcefulness—but a lack of sufficient funding is a serious threat to their ability to deliver social good. The expectation to continuously work with unrealistically low administrative and fundraising costs can exact a high price from nonprofits, many of whom are compelled to contort their budgets and skimp on staffing in order to deliver results within funders’ budget structures.


Funders across the country are beginning to recognize that a low budget does not equate with organizational effectiveness. In order to manage successful programs, nonprofits must have the capacity to invest in infrastructure and the people at the heart of their work over the long-term.



Be Part Of The Full Cost Project


The Full Cost conversation is happening nationally, and funders here in California have a special opportunity to lead the way and make an impact on grantmaking practices far beyond our own region. Many look to our state’s philanthropic and nonprofit sectors to pioneer bold ideas.


By getting involved in this exciting statewide effort around Full Cost, you are helping to bring important best practices into the mainstream for funders and the nonprofits that provide essential services to communities across the country.




Kate Seely

Project Manger of the Full Cost Project
kseely@ncg.org  I  (415) 872 - 1021
Dave Sheldon

Vice President, Programs and Strategic Initiatives
dave@socalgrantmakers.org  I  (213) 680 - 8866
Alan H. Kwok

Director of Learning
alan@sdgrantmakers.org  I  (858) 263 - 0815

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