Who are we missing? A call for philanthropic data.

Philanthropy’s response to the novel coronavirus has been quick and generous. Many are asking, “Who have we reached? Who have we missed?”

We are helping our partners at Candid track philanthropy’s response to the coronavirus pandemic. We urge our members to share what they’ve done in this publicly available map.

Are our resources reaching inland? The funding map says no. Do community-based organizations serving low-income communities of color have the access their connected counterparts have already tapped?

How much funding has gone to secure our immediate survival as a community whose fates are intertwined? Where might we shore up the systems that support recovery and policies to right the wrongs that have been with us for too long?

How are communities of color faring in ex-urban communities? Even in good times, few resources have followed them from the impossibly-priced San Francisco and East Bay housing markets to the cities and counties where they now live.

Knowing where money is going facilitates thoughtful collaboration and decision-making in times of crisis.

If your organization has already funded efforts related to the crisis, please share information on this grantmaking with Candid. If you are familiar with Candid’s system and have previously submitted grants data, you can follow the instructions on this page to submit information on your grantmaking.

If you’re new to Candid, you may submit your grants data to Nicole Giles at and she will assist you in reporting to Candid. Please make sure you include the following information on each grant:

  • Recipient: Name, EIN, City, State
  • Fiscal year
  • Grant amount
  • Paid or Authorized?
  • Grant description (Who, What, Where & How)
  • Geographic area served


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