The Ethos of Being Trust Based Session 2 | Interpersonal Skills: The Hardest Skill-Building You’ll Ever Do

In philanthropy, we sometimes overlook or deprioritize the interpersonal skills required to do this work well. This includes the ability to connect dots, show up in an emotionally intelligent way, listen actively and empathically, and know when to get out of the way. It also requires a clear understanding of power, and how power imbalances between funders and grantee partners are exacerbated by race, gender, and class inequities. Cultivating and advancing effective interpersonal skills requires practitioners to bring self-awareness, self-regulation, empathy, and willingness to take multiple perspectives into account. In this workshop, we’ll:

  • Explore practices to cultivate embodied listening
  • Explore practices that help to cultivate empathy and compassion
  • Build self-awareness around power, privilege, and navigating across differences, including addressing implicit bias
  • Explore practices around transparent communication and managing discomfort


  • Angel Roberson Daniels, Executive Director, Angell Foundation
  • John Esterle, Co-Executive Director, The Whitman Institute 
  • Ellen Friedman, Executive Director, Compton Foundation 
  • Chris Murchison, Organizational Culture Consultant & Coach
  • Kate Seely, Leadership, Culture, and Community Senior Director, Northern California Grantmakers (Moderator)

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