Addressing Community Needs and Resilience Arising from Drought, Extreme Heat, and Wildfires | Part 4

Discussion theme: Climate and Disaster Resilience with California’s Tribal Communities

The worsening drought, heatwaves, and wildfires in California will require urgent and coordinated efforts from the philanthropic sector to support community response, recovery, and long-term resilience. Philanthropy California invites funders who are currently responding or looking to respond to our current natural hazard crises to participate in our monthly funders discussion that addresses immediate and emergent community challenges, as well as opportunities to build climate and disaster resilience.

Each meeting will focus on a theme (see event details) with short presentations from funders, frontline nonprofits, and/or government representatives. Funders are encouraged to share their approaches in responding to current and anticipated community impacts from California’s drought, heat, and wildfire events.

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This program is open to Funders only (members and nonmembers).




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