Native American Truth & Healing Convening

Please join us on Monday, April 11th, from 10:00 - 11:30 AM PT for Native American Truth and Healing, a convening designed in partnership with the Office of Governor Gavin Newsom, the Office of the Tribal Advisor, Philanthropy California, and the Decolonizing Wealth Project. 

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In 2019, Governor Gavin Newsom created the California Truth & Healing Council via Executive Order N-15-19. This launched a five-year process led by the Office of the Tribal Advisor to clarify the historical record and support California Native Americans in sharing their diverse perspectives on the troubled relationship between Native peoples and the State, in order to support truth, healing, and a more equitable future.

The state has never embarked on an effort of this scale to unearth how California's prejudicial policies impacted, and continue to impact, California Native communities. This process is not only centered around historical reckoning, truth-telling, and healing in relationship to the state, but is also exploring the direct link between philanthropic practices and their impacts on Native communities. 

The time is now for funders and in California and across the country to engage in this groundbreaking process. 

During this convening, the Office of the Tribal Advisor and members of the California Truth and Healing Council will provide a deeper look into California Native history, including the harmful policies, practices, and traumas inflicted on Native communities at the hands of the state, how the state’s relationship with Native peoples has evolved, and the challenges facing Native communities today.

This session will also include a briefing on the California Truth and Healing Council, including its origin, structure, and purpose, as well as progress to-date and plans for the remainder of 2022. In addition, funders will learn more about the relationship between philanthropy and tribal communities – and namely, how they can support the California Truth and Healing Council.
The Decolonizing Wealth Project will also be sharing more information on opportunities to support their California Truth and Healing Council Philanthropic Fund, which was launched on Indigenous Peoples’ Day 2021. This fund will support philanthropic engagement, narrative change and digital storytelling, and healing and wellness for the Council.


  • Christina Snider, Tribal Advisor to Governor Gavin Newsom
  • Edgar Villanueva, Founder and Principal of Decolonizing Wealth Project
  • Megan Thomas, CEO of Catalyst of San Diego and Imperial Counties 
  • Vice Chairman Frankie Myers, Yurok Tribe
  • Carla Fredericks, CEO, Christensen Fund

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