Building Wildfire Resilience in the West: How Wildfire Disproportionately Impacts Vulnerable Communities | Session 5

About this Series

Western landscapes have always burned and always will. The more we suppress fire and change the climate, the more catastrophic wildfires become. How can we make communities and wild lands more resilient in the age of megafire?


Session Objectives

This session focuses on the implications of catastrophic wildfire on public health and what funders can do about it. 

  • Shifting philanthropic focus from wanting to only improve emergency services to investments in preventive community and wildland resilience solutions to protect public health
  • Illuminate opportunities to fund policy innovation to protect the most vulnerable populations – low-income communities, farm workers, prisoners fighting wildfire
  • Discuss the intersection of land use planning as it relates to equity, public health, and wildfire

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Target Audience

This program is open to all funders (NCG, SCG, SDG members and non-funder members). 

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