Building Wildfire Resilience in the West: A Virtual Series




Philanthropy California and our partners hosted a virtual series aimed at funders interested in wildfire resilience and how it intersects with public health, equity, and climate change.


Western landscapes have always burned and always will. The more we suppress fires and change the climate, the more catastrophic wildfires become. How can we make communities and wildlands more resilient in the age of megafires?


The series will cover the causes of catastrophic wildfire, its compound impacts on issues like public health, equity, water, and climate change, and emerging solutions for saving lives, property, and natural resources. Created for philanthropic organizations and individuals, the series will feature leaders from the government, academic, NGO, and funding communities. 


Participants in this Series: 

  • Learned about the history, context, and solutions related to megafires in the West
  • Gained additional understanding of the intersections between wildfire and other critical issues to maximize funding efficiencies, co-benefits, and collaboration
  • Gained a deeper knowledge of the role philanthropy can play in unlocking innovation or accelerating solutions, and ways you can weave wildfire into your existing grantmaking strategies
  • Cultivated an ethos of “an ounce of prevention is a pound of cure”  to create preventive, resilience-building solutions allowing government to primarily focus on disaster response
  • Built and expand your network with other funders interested in staying plugged in and active on funding opportunities

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