Building Wildfire Resilience in the West: Wildfire Resilience and Economic Opportunity | Session 6

About this Series

Western landscapes have always burned and always will. The more we suppress fire and change the climate, the more catastrophic wildfires become. How can we make communities and wild lands more resilient in the age of megafire?


Session Objectives

This session addresses how funders can invest in building economic and community resilience at the wildland urban interface and, in the process, improve quality of life for all

  • Illuminate opportunities at a systems approach in dramatically improving rural economies, community safety, and natural resource resilience
  • Clarify the crucial role philanthropy/high-risk capital can play in kickstarting and scaling solutions, in a system that is stuck
  • Amplify opportunities for lower income, small land owners to monetize good land management practices

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Target Audience

This program is open to all funders (NCG, SCG, SDG members and non-funder members). 

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