An Equitable and Resilient Future: Perspectives from Philanthropic Leaders

Philanthropy and the nonprofits they support we’re engaged in incredible work at the start of 2020. But the world drastically changed in March of last year. As we battle with the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, it's disproportionate effect on BIPOC communities, and witness a rise in insurgency to our democratic principles, we are reminded of our constant struggle with the historical and generational pandemics of anti-Black racism and white supremacy. It's as crucial as ever to ask, what does all of this mean for the work of philanthropy? How do we hold what we've experienced, shape a strategic agenda that takes on the issues we currently face (while remembering that many of these issues are historical), and advance or shift the work we deemed important prior to the pandemic?

We will talk with philanthropic leaders from across the state to hear how they're thinking about their institutions' future work, their plans for 2021, and what they're struggling with as they look to take on the myriad issues that face our communities and the nation.

Join us to hear about:

  • Funding strategies and approaches for 2021 and beyond
  • Perspectives on the current role of philanthropy
  • Philanthropic actions that responded to the pandemic that should become a regular practice
  • Opportunities for philanthropy to address anti-Blackness and racial justice
  • Long-term strategies for recovery and resiliency


We will announce more speakers soon

  • Fred Blackwell, CEO, San Francisco Foundation
  • Sandra Hernandez, President & CEO, California Healthcare Foundation (moderator)
  • Miki Woodard, Head of Good Robot at Bad Robot Productions 

Target Audience 

This program is open to NCG, SCG, and Catalyst members.





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