Public Charge

On October 10, the “public charge” rule was published in the Federal Register for public comment. This rule would make people choose between the things they need and the people they love while favoring the wealthiest in our immigration system. The rule would make it significantly harder for immigrants to become citizens and would threaten the health, stability, and well-being of millions of immigrant families. Already living in a heightened climate of fear, under the proposed regulation, immigrant parents would be faced with the difficult choice of staying on the path to U.S. citizenship or ensuring that their children have healthcare, healthy food, and stable housing. 


Across the nation, advocates, providers, and communities are pushing back against a cruel and unnecessary immigration policy that would worsen the well-being, health, and stabilities of millions of children and families. Alongside over 1,500 organizations nationwide, Philanthropy California signed onto the Protecting Immigrant Families Campaign statement opposing the rule. 



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